Technical Specifications

This section of our website is designed as an aid to understanding Long Panel construction. It is a library of reference drawings for specifying Long Panel easily and correctly.

Load Span Tables for Long Panel

This table provides the approximate limits (in metres) for uniformly distributed loads on simply supported Long Panels. To derive the correct load the self weight of the panel must be included.

Two sets of data are included in the table.

The light numbers are ‘Ultimate Limit State Strength Loading’ (kPa). Maximum design load is 5 kPa. Minimum design load is 0.5 kPa.

The shaded numbers are ‘Serviceability Limit State Loading’ (kPa) corresponding to deflection limit of span/200.

These CAD working drawings can be downloaded, copied and pasted, or printed for your use as required. Please note they are intended as a guide only.

To view/download these drawings you will need Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader software on your computer, then click here to download and install the latest version for FREE.

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